Toutes à Vélo

The biggest women’s gathering in Europe!








Toutes à Vélo !

This innovative, unifying and user-friendly concept makes it possible to showcase women around two challenges. Toutes à Vélo – Toulouse 2020, it is the European event of cycling to the feminine!

We are expecting 10 000 participants for the former big women’s squad on Sunday, September 13, 2020. This hike, open to all, will discover the Pink City! The day will continue around a giant picnic at the « Prairie des Filtres ».

Toulouse city will celebrate the bike with a village and specially installed animations.

The 2016 Edition in a few images!


Toutes à Strasbourg 2016 !

Toutes à Strasbourg 2016 !

Traverser la France jusqu'à Strasbourg au mois de juin, admirer de nouveaux paysages sous un soleil d'été, arriver dans la cité européenne le teint halé et avec le bronzage si caractéristique des cyclos, c'était tentant ! Mais çà, c'était AVANT … l'année dernière …...

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French federation of cyclotourism

Recognized as a public utility and approved by the French State , the French federation of cyclotourism, comprises 3 000 affiliated clubs and 120 000 members including 21 000 women and 10 000 young people.

4 500 hikes are organized every year under its aegis, throughout the French territory, bringing together more than 2 million of practitioners of all ages.

Its national and international actions are unanimously recognised by the institutional bodies and thus position it among the indispensable players in the development of cyclotourism in Europe and in the world.

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